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        FL series LVDT Displacement Sensors

        Characteristic description

        External diameter Φ 8mm, stainless steel 304 shell, rebound type

        Built in precision linear bearing, good repeatability

        The probe is made of silicon nitride ceramic ball with high resolution and good wear resistance

        DC single power supply, built-in high-performance signal demodulator

        Product size is short, suitable for use in small space

        ※ Application field

        Robot shaft diameter detection precision displacement measurement glass production detection automobile parts detection?

        產品參數 | Product parameters

        Performance parameter


        Power supply:

        12—24V DC;

        Working current:

        Voltage output type, power supply current ≤ 12mA;

        Two wire current output type, supply current 4-20mA

        Displacement range:

        F10 ?0-2.5mm / F25: 0-5mm / F50: 0 -1 0 mm

        Output signal:

        0-5V ;??0-10V ;??4-20mA ;??RS485 digital signal

        Linear error:

        Analog signal output: 0.25% FS

        Digital signal output: 0.1% FS

        Repeat error:


        Resolution ?

        ≤ O.1um

        Dynamic characteristics:


        Measurement force:


        Operating temperature:

        -25 °C — +85 °C

        Shock resistance:

        250g/11 ms

        Vibration tolerance:


        Temperature coefficient:

        Zero point ≤ 0.01%/ ° C; Sensitivity ≤ 025%/ ° C?

        產品參數 | Product parameters

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