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        Milont TL series Magnetostrictve displacement sensors

        Analog output mode?

        The TL series displacement sensor has a built-in 16-bit D/A converter, which can accurately convert the absolute position of the vernier magnetic ring into a standard 4-20mA current signal or 0-10V voltage signal in real time. The output signal has a linear relationship with the effective range. The zero point, full scale and positive and negative direction can be set 100% through a screwdriver according to the needs of site use, and the operation is simple. The output standard analog signal can be directly output to PLC control module (such as Siemens 331 module) or other instruments.?

        Installation structure and wiring?

        The analog output displacement sensor has two installation methods: built-in and external. The built-in type has a compact structure and is suitable for the built-in installation of the hydraulic cylinder. The external type uses aluminum profile guide rails and is installed outside the moving parts, which is convenient to use.?

        Dimension and installation instruction of pressure outer pipe?

        TL series pressure outer tube, aluminum profile electronic bin, specially designed for the use of hydraulic system, built-in hydraulic cylinder, pressure up to 34MPa continuous (69MPa peak). Installation thread size M18 × l.5 、 M20 × l. 5 or 3 / 4 "- 16 UNF-3A.?

        產品參數 | Product parameters

        Technical parameter


        Measurement data location

        Measurement range: 50mm-7650mm



        Voltage: 010Vdc,10~0Vdc,05Vdc,50Vdc

        (controller minimum load: 5k Ohms?

        Electric current: 420mA,204mA,020mA,200mA

        (minimum / heavy load 0 / 500 Ohms)



        Resolution 16 bit D / A, up to 0.5um

        Nonlinearity < 0.02% of full scale (minimum 100um)

        Repeatability < 0.002% of full scale or the same as resolution

        Update time 0.5ms (range ≤ 1200mm)

        1.0ms (range ≤ 2400mm)

        2.0ms (range ≤ 4800mm)

        5.0ms (range ≤ 7650mm)



        Technical parameter

        Working conditions

        Magnetic ring speed: ???????arbitrary

        Working temperature ???????- 40 ?85 ℃

        Humidity / dew point ???????humidity 90%, no condensation?

        Temperature coefficient????????< 30ppm /

        Protection grade: ?????????????IP65 RP aluminum forming outer pipe

        IP67 RH pressure outer tube

        IP68 RH pressure resistant outer pipe (waterproof type)

        Structure and materials

        TP? And TL series; ?????Electronic warehouse; ??????Aluminum alloy profiles

        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Measuring rod; ???????????Aluminum alloy

        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Magnet: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Slider magnet or floating magnet

        TH series: ? ? ? ? ??Electronic warehouse; ??????Aluminium alloy profile

        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Measuring rod: ????????????stainless steel 304 or 316L

        Magnetic ring:? ? ? ??Standard magnetic ring or open magnetic ring?

        產品參數 | Product parameters

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