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        RS485 displacement sensor hub

        The RS485 hub supports up to 115.2 Kbps transmission rates. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of data communication, the interface adopts photoelectric isolation technology to prevent the lightning surge from introducing the converter and equipment.

        Built-in photoelectric isolator and 600W surge protection circuit, can provide 2500V isolation voltage, can effectively suppress lightning strike, electrostatic discharge and site interference.

        產品參數 | Product parameters

        RS-485 hub feature

        1, RS485 hub is a high-performance photoelectric isolation enhanced RS485 bus interface distributor. It has the characteristics of small size, long transmission distance, high speed and stable performance.

        2, Compatible with RS232, RS485TIA/EIA standards;

        3, automatically send/receive data, without external flow control signal, three line (TXD.RXD.GND) system communication;

        4, support 300-115200baud rate communication, baud rate self-adaptive, not limited by communication protocol;

        5, one way RS232 or RS485 signal input, four RS485 signal output. Its communication distance is more than 3,000 meters;

        6, each channel support node: the maximum support 128 nodes;

        7. Industrial photoelectric isolation: 2500V photoelectric isolation is provided for RS485 digital signal displacement sensor or other RS485 bus equipment, which effectively solves the signal transmission problems caused by outside lightning strike, surge and ground potential difference;

        9. Data flow control. Through hardware to solve the problem of data flow, automatic identification and control of data transmission direction, fault interface automatic isolation;

        10, provide more flexible RS485/RS422 star bus structure, the interface input and output are independent drive mode, change the original bus distribution for network structure, to the engineering construction and stability of the system to bring great benefits.


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