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        XSA Displacement digital display meter

        Milante XSA displacement digital display meter can be used with all kinds of displacement sensors, suitable for all kinds of automatic equipment displacement display, specific position monitoring and early warning.

        產品參數 | Product parameters

        XSA Displacement / Counting/Angle Display Controller, Connected Resistor Ruler, Eddy Current Displacement Sensor

        ■ Connect resistance ruler, eddy current displacement sensor, etc.

        ■ 0.2 precision, measurement and control speed 10 times per second. Display range -1999~9999.

        ■ Panel key and switch input zero function.

        ■ Basic type and functional type are available in two optional panel forms.

        ■ 8 section broken line correction function.

        ■ Optional 1~4 point alarm output. Including measurement value upper limit, measurement value lower limit, deviation upper limit, deviation lower limit, deviation basic value of five basic alarm mode

        And five standby alarm modes corresponding to the five basic alarm modes.

        (Standby alarm mode: it means that when the meter is energized, it does not alarm even if it is in the alarm area. When the measured value enters the non-alarm area, the standby condition is established and the alarm is normal thereafter.)

        ■ 4 kinds of optional external power supply

        ■ Optional communication, transmission and printing functions.


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