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        Howell WPS Economical Rope Displacement Sensor

        Product introduction

        ?Howell WPS economical drawstring displacement sensor, measuring range 100mm-7000mm,

        ?S type (small 100mm-2500mm), M type (medium 500mm-7500mm), sensor output signal: resistance output (5K

        ?or 10K) , Voltage output: (0-5V, 0-10V, three-wire or four-wire), current output (4-20MA, two-wire, three-wire or

        ?four-wire; 0-20MA, two-wire, three-wire or four-wire System), pulse output (AB phase or ABZ phase pulse

        ?square wave, differential signal output), small sensor size, good stability, easy to install and use

        產品參數 | Product parameters


        Attached table

        Sensor Range Resolution
        0-700mm 0.018mm(65reels))
        0-1000mm 0.028mm(100reels))
        1000-1200mm 0.033mm
        1200-1500mm 0.042mm
        1500-2500mm(S type) 0.044mm
        2000-7000mm(M type) 0.055m

        The above table shows the parameters of the 3600 pulse rope displacement sensor.?

        Other commonly used encoders include: 500 pulses, 1000 pulses, 2000 pulses,

        and 2500 pulses. Please contact us for specific parameters.


        Storage location positioning, reservoir dam protection, gate opening control, pressure machinery,

        ?papermaking machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, printing

        ?machinery, level controllers, construction machinery, industrial robots, injection machines, woodworking

        ?machinery, elevators , Air compressor, hydraulic machine, height machine, XY axis and other automatic

        ?measurement occasions such as length displacement and liquid level measurement


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