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        Milont MT cable displacement sensor

        Product introduction:

        MT series cable?displacement sensor is our economical product, MT40 range is 100 ~ 1200 mm; The range of MT60 is 100 ~ 1500 mm; The range of MT80 is 200 ~ 3000 mm. The sensors are resistance output type and voltage output type (0-5V; 0-10V), current output (4-20mA, two-wire or three wire system), pulse output (AB phase or ABZ phase increment square wave), RS485 digital signal or absolute coding output. The sensor has the advantages of small size, high precision, easy installation and use, and is widely used in the automation industry.

        產品參數 | Product parameters

        Performance parameter:

        Range: 100-3000mm

        Linear accuracy: ±0.15%FS;±0.05%FSPulse output

        Repeatability accuracy: ±0.02%FS

        Resolution: infinite?no broken parsing;RS485

        Maximum allowable working voltage: 24V DC

        Output signal: resistance output; Voltage signal (0-5V, 0-10V); Current signal (4-20mA;0-20mA);RS485 Digital signal output;Incremental pulse output;Absolute coded output

        Sensor type: wire wound hybrid potentiometer (encoder)

        Maximum working speed: 1m / S

        Temperature range: - 40?to + 80?

        Service life: 5 million times

        Traction: 250±25g

        Wire diameter: 0.8mm

        Protection grade: IP65

        Maximum mass: 900g

        Application area:

        Mainly applicable to:?Storage position location, the opening of the gate is dam protection, control, pressure machinery, paper machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, level control instrument, construction machinery, industrial robot, injection machines, woodworking machinery, elevators, air compressor, hydraulic press, height of machine, X-Y?axis length displacement, level measurement and other automation measurement occasions.


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