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        Milont TH series Magnetostrictive displacement sensor

        ◆ Strong and durable: Fully enclosed design, the highest IP68 protection level?

        ◆ Straight line measurement Absolute output, no need to return to zero?

        ◆ Easy to use: Standard signal output, maintenance free?

        ◆Never wear: Continuous non-contact measurement?

        ◆ Full range adjustable: 100% adjustable zero and full range?

        ◆ High resolution: The highest resolution is 0.5um

        產品參數 | Product parameters


        Measurement data location

        Measurement range: 50mm-7650mm




        (controller minimum load:?5k Ohms

        Electric current?420mA,204mA,020mA,200mA

        (minimum / heavy load 0 / 500 Ohms)



        Resolution 16 bit D / A, up to 0.5um??????

        Nonlinearity < 0.02% of full scale (minimum 100um)

        Repeatability < 0.002% of full scale or the same as resolution

        Update time 0.5ms (range ≤ 1200mm)

        1.0ms (range ≤ 2400mm)

        2.0ms (range ≤ 4800mm)

        5.0ms (range ≤ 7650mm)


        Working conditions

        Magnetic ring speed: arbitrary

        Working temperature?- 40??85?

        Humidity / dew point humidity?90%, no condensation

        Temperature coefficient<30ppm /?

        Protection gradeIP65 RP aluminum forming outer pipe

        IP67 RH pressure outer tube???????

        IP68 RH pressure resistant outer pipe (waterproof type)




        Structure and materials

        RP series:?????Electronic warehouse?Aluminum alloy profiles?????????????????

        Measuring rod?Aluminum alloy???????

        Magnet?Slider magnet or floating magnet????

        RH series:?????Electronic warehouseAluminium alloy profile????????????????????

        Measuring rodstainless steel 304 or 316L????

        Magnetic ringStandard magnetic ring or open magnetic ring???????

        Outer pipe pressure40MPa (continuous)

        60MPa (peak value)



        Installation directionarbitrary direction

        Thread form?metric m18 × 1.5?,M20 × 1.5

        British system 3 / 4 "- 16UNF-3A


        Electrical connection

        Outlet type?waterproof connector or aviation plug

        Input voltage?24 VDC (- 15 ~ + 20%)

        polarity protection Maximum?- 30VDC

        Overpressure protection?Maximum36VDC

        Working current?70mA (varies with measuring range)

        產品參數 | Product parameters

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