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        F series pen type LVDT displacement sensor

        Product Introduction

        Differential transformer displacement sensors (LVTD) can be widely used in aerospace, machinery, construction,

        ?textiles, railways, coal, metallurgy, plastics, chemical and scientific research institutions and other industries in?

        the national economy to measure displacement, deformation, and size. , Vibration, object thickness, expansion?

        and other high-precision position sensors,

        F10, F25, F50 series pen-type rebound LVDT displacement sensors have excellent performance and are suitable

        ?for high-precision, high-repeatability displacement measurement in quality control and metering applications.?

        The probe uses high-hardness, wear-resistant material silicon oxide. The moving part of the axis adopts precision

        ?guide rail, and the sensor is equipped with a transformer 12-24VDC power supply.

        The electronic circuit is sealed in a 304 stainless steel metal tube, which can work stably for a long time in harsh

        ?environments such as humidity and dust. The output signal is a standard 0-5V or 4-20MA output that can be?

        used by a computer or PLC, or RS485 digital signal

        產品參數 | Product parameters

        Power supply: 12-24V

        Working current: voltage output type supply current: 12MA

        ?????????? Two-wire current output type, power supply current 4-20MA

        Displacement range: F10: 0-2.5mm; F25: 0-5mm; F50: 0-10mm


        Output signal: 0-5V, 0-10V, 40-20Ma, RS485 digital signal

        Linearity error 0.25%FS

        Weight error5um

        Resolution 0.1um

        Dynamic characteristics: 3HZ

        Measuring force: 80g

        Working temperature:-25 to + 85

        Impact resistance: 250g/11ms

        Vibration allowed: 10g/2KHZ

        Temperature coefficient: zero point0.01%/

        Sensitivity 0.025%/


        Robots, shaft diameter inspection, precision displacement measurement,?

        glass production inspection, auto parts inspection and other fields.


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